The Alcoholic

Mark Smith lived alone in a two bedroom apartment downtown.

Mark was a severe alcoholic.  The booze had destroyed every meaningful relationship and that had ever graced his life.  His addiction had ruined every good job he had ever been offered.  Ten years had passed since his debt had spiraled out of control and resulted in the loss of his home and his car.  Many different people had attempted to help him over the years, but Mark had remained stubborn and refused their assistance.

Mark had his own version of events, contrary to the facts–  He believed that he had been cursed with bad luck and a hard, bitter life.  A life full of misery and suffering.  He never stopped to consider that the alcohol coupled with his temper had sent his life down that particular path.

Bottles littered his apartment.  Some were still full of liquor, but most were empty and discarded.

He would only travel out into the world around him once a week if possible–  First to the liquor store on the corner, then to grocery store two blocks away and finally to the nearest gas station for a carton of cheap, off-brand cigarettes.

When he wasn’t on the couch watching television programs and movies he liked to stand in front of his living room window-  Just simply sipping out of a bottle and observing the people passing by on the street below.


[Original writing & artwork by J. E. Lattimer]

© 2012, 2013 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved