Another Uncertain Future

another uncertain future 1

She had been out of work for six months and her unemployment was about to run out.

Her job had laid her off due to lack of business and she had been unsuccessful at finding another.  Five interviews so far and every time someone told her she was either overqualified or under-qualified.  Fifty-two applications in six months and nothing to show for it.

Half of the companies in town have my information in a file cabinet.  She thought.

She had enough left in savings to pay the rent for one more month, the utilities if she was lucky. But that wouldn’t leave anything for food or gas.  Her husband had died ten years ago.  She could count her friends and family on one hand–  And none of them had any spare cash to loan her.  The credit card was maxed out and she had no idea how she would make the payment on it next month.

She stood at the window in the darkened room and looked out at the sleeping town.

“What happens now?”  She said.

another uncertain future 2

[Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer]

© 2012, 2013 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved


17 thoughts on “Another Uncertain Future

  1. Yeah, this is a generalized version of a story I keep hearing from people… Intentionally tried to make it vague… Have a good one over there!

  2. It seems these days this is a very common story. How sad that in a world of possibilities sometimes they seem not to be enough … Thanks for following my blog!

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment– Sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you hanging… There really isn’t supposed to be an ending to this story, it’s left up to the reader’s own interpretation / imagination as to what happens after that– It’s just that kind of a story. Unemployment has been really bad here for years now and I keep hearing this same basic story from friends and acquaintances around the country, men and women, and, for most of them it is the same– No conclusion or relief, no “end to the story,” if you know what I mean… The days come and go and they find themselves still in the same situation– Desperate for work. That is what I was trying to capture in this tale, and as much as I wanted to continue with it and give this character some sort of closure, I thought it was best just to stop there… Have a great day over there and thanks for reading! [I’m working on new stories and should have a few more up this week!]

  3. this is my story ….
    there is no just continues until something gives…
    a good post
    Take care…

    1. Thanks for the comment, Maryrose… I’m glad you enjoyed the story– I had no idea the amount of feedback that I would get on this one when I sat down to write it… Hopefully things ‘change’ and improve soon, the controlled ‘global’ economy has ruined the hopes and dreams of so many, conservative estimates cite tens of thousands of our jobs going overseas every month! Have a great week, J. E. Lattimer

  4. I can identify with this fictional person! After getting my Master’s degree in International Commerce & Policy from George Mason University in 2008, I applied for 250 jobs. The only job I finally got, though I applied for hundreds of jobs with the US government, was through the Department of Education in Korea! When no one in my own country would hire me, I took off to work, at age 55, in a foreign land!!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean– A good friend of mine has a story very similar to yours– He’s an American teaching in Japan! The global economy works for some & not for others… The flow of money / value of money changes and fluctuates and, unfortunately, ruins many plans and dreams… Thanks for reading– More posts on the way + a photo blog & art blog on my gravatar profile if you’re ever trying to kill time on the web! Have a great day!

  5. Hey you know it’s all a matter of perspective. All futures are uncertain Perhaps some more than others, but I love the flow of your words. Thanks for stopping by to visit me.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean– And it’s nice to finally have a comment on this one with a positive outlook! The future is supposed to be uncertain, with a bit of a scary – rush feeling of the unknown– Very similar to freedom. Glad you enjoyed it & no problem, I’ll stop by and check out your blog again one of these days– In the middle of a very busy summer. Have a great day!

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